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The A H Bielski Foundation is a non-profit organization established by the Bielski Family with the mission to positively impact the lives of children facing adversity within society’s margins. Rooted in a legacy of compassion and altruism, the foundation embodies a commitment to safeguarding and nurturing the most vulnerable members of our community. Serving as a continuation of historical efforts to protect and uplift those in need, the foundation remains dedicated to its noble cause. Today, the foundation’s leadership is entrusted to the sole surviving Bielski brother, Aron Bell (Bielski), and his wife, Henryka Bell. Their unwavering dedication and tireless efforts ensure that the foundation’s mission of compassion and service endures, bringing hope and opportunity to countless children in need.

A H Bielski Foundation actively seeks partnerships and direct contributions from compassionate individuals and organizations to support children in need. Your assistance plays a crucial role in our efforts to provide essential resources and opportunities to vulnerable youth.


We firmly believe that every child deserves a chance at a brighter future, regardless of their religion, skin color, nationality, or background. The Foundation remains steadfastly committed to serving children from diverse communities across the United States and Israel, embracing inclusivity and diversity as core values.


Our work is inspired by the legacy of The Bielski Brigade, a testament to the resilience and courage displayed during times of adversity. While the war may have ended, the battle against poverty persists. Through our collective efforts and unwavering dedication, we honor the memory of those who came before us and continue their noble mission of uplifting those in need.

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